a2015-12-01 10.08.15

watercolor, coffee, ink, crayon, gold leaf
This piece of art is a collage that contains pieces of imagery from the book Eden by Olympia Vernon. I stumbled across this book at my grandmother’s house when I was probably too young to have read it. I did read it (all in one night), although there was content that I didn’t fully comprehend and themes I was too naive to piece together. I eventually forgot the title, and never came across the book again while visiting my grandmother’s house. The book impacted me in a way, though, that left me searching to find it and re-read. In 2015, I finally pieced together enough details from the book to make an adequate search on google.com. After a few pages of search results, I was reunited with the cover of the book I thought was surely lost forever. I purchased the book and, again, read it in one night. It was just as good as I remembered.
Some of the images in this collage are simply words that I noticed to be used particularly often, such as “magnolia,” while others represent underlying themes, such as the relationship between blood and milk.

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